Preventing Water Damage In Six Easy Steps

Worried about water damage? Wondering what you can do to keep it from affecting your home? You don’t need to stress! There are many different things you can do to prevent it, and by following through on each one of them you can be confident that your home will be safe. From our cleanup experts at Stenvik in Marysville, below are six things you can do to protect your home. 

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Clean Rain Gutters

Clear rain gutters are an essential aspect of water damage prevention. When rain gutters are clogged with debris, they are unable to do their job of filtering water away from your home. As a result, water spills over the top of them and pools around your home making the possibility of a flood more likely. Cleanup of rain gutters is an important step.

Maintain Landscaping

Your landscaping can contribute to water damage in two main ways. First, trees planted above water lines can be problematic because the roots can cause the pipes to break if they grow into the pipes. Second, your yard should be graded away from your home. If they are graded towards your home water will run off toward your home increasing the potential for a flood that will require professional help for water damage cleanup. 

Disconnect Hoses

Standing water in a hose may freeze back into the pipe and create an ice block that, in a best-case scenario, stops your water flow. In the worst cases, it may cause pipes to burst and create damage to walls, floor and the foundation.

Monitor The Water Bill

Your water bill can help tip you off to a potential problem. You can do this by comparing your current bill to past bills to look for any discrepancies. If it is significantly higher for no apparent reason, this should tip you off that there may be an undetected leak somewhere in your home. 

Install Water Detection Devices

You can use water detection devices to detect floods in their initial stages. This is important because the sooner you stop a flood the less serious the damage will be, and the less cleanup you’ll have to do. Water detection devices are very inexpensive but can save you thousands of dollars of damage in the long run. 

Inspect Appliances Regularly

Your appliances, if left unchecked, can be a ticking time bomb for water damage. The appliances that are most prone to flooding are water heaters, dishwashers, refrigerators, and washing machines. Just think of all the cleanup you would have to do. You should take the time every few months to perform a close inspection of each of them to make sure everything is working properly. If you notice anything wrong, make sure you have it repaired right away. 

Professional Water Damage Cleanup In Marysville

While this list may seem like a lot, each one of these steps is really quite simple and manageable. Take this list one step at a time, and your home will be well-fortified against water damage. If your home is ever affected by water damage, however, don’t hesitate to give us a call at Stenvik in the Marysville area for cleanup services. 

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